Hellyeah just keep rolling with their 'Blood for Blood' album, now releasing the video for their latest single 'Moth.' The clip offers a mixture of a storyline along with the band performing, with the frustration and magnetism of being drawn toward a destructive force on full display.

Earlier this year, we chatted with Hellyeah drummer Vinnie Paul, who told us of 'Moth' that it was definitely a change of pace for the band. "I don't think I've ever ventured into anything in Hellyeah with [a] 6/8 [time signature]. It was a different mood. I remember when I played the demo for [producer] Kevin [Churko], just the music, he was like, 'Man, there's something really special there. It's really dark, but it's also beautiful.'"

Paul credits frontman Chad Gray with championing the track, and he reveals, "There are so many things in life that you know are wrong and you're going to get burned but you have to give it a try, whether it's relationships, jobs, this, that or another. It's like a moth. It see that flame and it's drawn to it even though it's made out of paper and he's going to get torched when he gets there. That's kind of what the song is all about."

'Moth' is featured on the 'Blood for Blood' album, which has already spawned the tracks 'Sangre Por Sangre,' 'Cross to Bier' and 'Demons in the Dirt.' The disc is currently in stores and available online via Amazon and iTunes.

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