McDonald's wants to spread kindness to all the frontline workers controlling the Covid-19 situation. First Responders and Healthcare workers can save their money since McDonald's will be treating them. Participating McDonald's are showing their appreciation for the brave and hard-working souls in the medical field. Say yes when someone recommends eating McDonald's and you work in the healthcare field.

McDonald's has selected items from their breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu that is considered a "thank you meal" for a limited time. If you do plan on redeeming your hard-earned meal you must either be in uniform or have your work badge available. This special promotion McDonald's is running will only be until Tuesday, May 5. If you're wondering about whether or not El Paso is participating, they are. I know the McDonald's over by Utep on 2401 N. Mesa is a participating location. If you're in the medical field you should let McDonald's give you a much-deserved break.


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