Ok coronavirus, ENOUGH ALREADY!!

I'm getting pretty sick ... no pun intended ... of this whole COVID 19 pandemic. It has wrecked the economy, limited our freedoms, closed our bars and practically shut down our restaurants. Now, New Mexico is going to the next level with grocery stores being ordered to cut their number of customers while liquor stores and other businesses must close completely.

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham just extended the "stay at home order" already in place and added the following amendments:

In addition, the governor directed essential businesses - notably grocery stores and other retailers - to limit gatherings at their facilities.

The new requirements say the maximum number of customers allowed in a store at any given time cannot exceed more than 20% of maximum occupancy. Customers waiting outside are also directed to comply with social distance guidelines requiring six-feet of space between individuals. - KVIA

I don't want to start another toilet paper stampede but, if your tequila stash is low, you better come up with a plan. Being confined at home is stressful enough as it is, the thought of dealing with it sober is just too much.