There are a lot of couples that share a Facebook account and some don't believe in having a joint account. In my opinion, I believe nothing screams I cheated in the relationship like a joint Facebook account.

There are some people who believe that sharing a social media account is a hassle. While some believe it's not so bad because that will definitely keep the ex-partners away. The woman above couldn't have explained it better than how she did in the video above. Usually sharing a social media account leaves others to believe there are trust issues. But there are a few reasons why sharing social media with your partner is negative. If you're attempting to send a message to your friend but will not know if it is your friend or their partner who will see it. A long time ago I had messaged my friend on Facebook and of course, his girlfriend got bothered about a meme I had sent that was meant for him instead of her. When I had gotten cheated on I was given the choice of sharing a Facebook account but knew it would be problems because of all my dude friends. Now, what are your thoughts on a joint social media account with your significant other?

Give us your two cents on whether having a joint Facebook account shows that there are trust issues in the relationship.