New Little Free Libraries have been popping up in neighborhoods around El Paso and they're great for kids and adults who like to read. In a world full of video games and tv shows, it's hard to get kids to want to put down their phone and pick up a book. While walking and driving around my neighborhood, I've seen small, community libraries being constructed in front of homes. In my neighborhood, there are currently three Little Three Libraries where kids and adults can donate a book they've finished reading, and pick up a new title to enjoy.

The movement was started by the 501 nonprofit the Little Free Library. Neighbors can build an outdoor bookcase, or "library," register with the group, and then begin filling the bookcase up with books. The libraries come in all different shapes and sizes, depending on how big or how small you want your library collection to be.

You can even visit the Little Free Library website where you can look at various plans and tips on how to build them.  In El Paso, there are Little Free Libraries made of hollowed out trees, birdhouses, and even an oven. There are over 50 Little Free Libraries currently in the Borderland with more popping up every month.

If you would like to start your own Little Free Library in your neighborhood please visit the website to see how to get started. You can also see the world map available on the website to see how many Little Free Libraries there are in your neighborhood now.

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