Some locals in El Paso aren't always innocent when it comes to their sex life. In fact, some are guilty of doing the deed somewhere that isn't a bedroom. We all know a certain couple that just can't wait to do the deed in the privacy of their own home.

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Especially when couples get in the heat of the moment while they're in their car. If you've been there and done that then you should recall the poll many years ago. But there was one particular paper that wanted El Paso's opinion on something.

In 2007 El Paso Inc.'s What's Up Best of El Paso wanted us to vote for the best public place for a quickie. When it came down to the winner and runners up there were two typical spots and one that was quite surprising. Scenic Drive came in first place for the best spot for a quickie in El Paso.

I am unsure how Scenic Drive won because tons of other people park right beside you. But the runners-up were Transmountain and as for the shocking one, was inside the UTEP buildings. Clearly, students were being active during their breaks between classes apparently.

You have to remember though this vote took place in 2007 which things have changed since then. El Paso has grown so much over the years adding more and more attractions. But hopefully, some of those places still hold their innocence since they're family-friendly.

Now what I don't understand is why there weren't any places that had more privacy as winners. The archived story got me wondering if voters would have a change of heart of past places that were voted best for a quickie in El Paso and in public.

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