It would be kinda ... "cool" ... wouldn't it?!

C'mon, ice cream nachos?!  That would rock and if you do them this way, they aren't disgusting at all!  In fact, this may be what FINALLY gets me to like nachos.

I realize that this could cost me my "El Pasoan" card but I don't like nachos. (Or beans, sour cream and excessive amounts of cheese.  It's true.  No flan for me either and I absolutely cannot stand  menudo (gasp) under any circumstances. I don't care who made it, how they do it or what it will supposedly do for a hangover. That stuff is nasty.)

There; now that I've confessed my (mexican) culinary sins, let's get back to the ice cream nachos.  It's not exactly what you think. (Which is why I like these!)

Baskin Robbins is offering these in select locations and they're actually called "waffle chip dippers".  But they look to me like ice cream nachos!  The waffle cones and brownie bits are chips, the snickers bits could be onions and the M n Ms are tomatoes and jalapeno bits.  (Depending on their color of course.)

I guess the vanilla ice cream could be the sour cream and, if you put in chocolate to, it could be the meat. Or beans ... your call. 

Not sure about the chocolate sauce.  It could be cheese I guess but it would be better if they could melt a little lemon ice cream or find some lemon juice for that. (Something at least a little "cheese colored"!) 

Whatever they use; they beat real nachos for 2 reasons.

1) They're way better. 

2) They're CHEAP!

To see which Baskin Robbins locations are offering these ... and you know you're going to ... click here.