I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! There is a lot I am thankful for this year like the men and women in uniform, my brand new baby girl and twerking. Here are a couple of videos from instagram of some lovely ladies showing off their assets.

Ok so this first video isn't a twerking video but I'm just hypnotized by her massive natural chi chi's. My friends should make videos like this for me so I can use them as a post.

Let's start off the twerking videos! You can tell from the still picture that this girl means business since she has both hands and her booty popped out.

Body paint is an amazing thing.

This video is so nice because it shows friends helping friends. One twerks while the other friend records it.

This chick looks asian and I've never seen an asian girl with a big ol'booty like that. There must be some bad kids in that house because of the writing on the wall. haha