Here we go .... 2013 has officially begun!

Happy New Year everyone. I hope 2013 is the best and most rockin year ever for you, your family and your loved ones!  I'm sooo looking forward to partying with you, riding with you and rocking with you this year!

Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images
Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

As for those of you starting out the new year feeling a little "worn out"; here are a few tips for you.

Water ... lots of it!

Get off the couch, out of bed, off the floor ... whatever ... and eat!  Find munchies with fructose, like honey, apples, berries, fruit juices, etc.  Take (or eat foods with a lot of) vitamin C and B also!  (Sorry, berry drinks or juices mixed with vodka will probably not help. Not in the long run anyway.)

Crackers and toast can help your tummy and bring your blood sugar back up.  As usual, chicken soup helps also!  (Is there anything it can't do??)

Everyone has a superstition, tradition, tip or something to get the year started off right and bring good luck.

Mine? Ride!! 

Get on that bad motor scooter and get in the wind!  Even if you just go around the block, or make a quick run over Trans Mountain; it'll do ya' good!

It may even ease that hangover!

Happy New Year!


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