Happy Midsummer! The beginning of the summer season is called "Midsummer" which seems weird to call since it's the start of summer, but the holiday does come from Sweden, so who are we to judge? Midsummer is basically based on the solstice and is the halfway point of the growing season. It's a huge holiday in Sweden that I had only known existed in literature. Then the movie "Midsommar" came out and it piqued my interest.

"Midsommar," while not an actual representation of how midsummer is celebrated, does get the imagery right. If you haven't seen the movie, it's pretty good. It's slow-burning, but the visuals are stunning. There's flowers, there's dancing, there's booze and a general sense of community, which is what midsummer really is all about. If you're wondering how to even start celebrating midsummer, especially here in the Sun City, you're in luck, because it's real simple to celebrate!

Step 1: Get a bear.

No, I'm totally kidding. Although the bear scene in "Midsommar" was crazy, no bear is necessary to celebrate midsummer. What you will want to do to kick off the festivities is head outside! Because the sun goes down a little later, celebrating midsummer outdoors is ideal- (but I wouldn't advise you taking any 'shrooms).

Make your meal colorful! Traditional food and drink includes local spiced vodka or schnapps, pickled herring, salmon, boiled potatoes in dill, and even moose. For dessert, strawberries (which are in season!) and some cream are a great way to finish up your feast!

And it wouldn't be a midsummer feast without a dance around the Maypole. Makes some beautiful flower wreaths and dance around in celebration of the summer solstice! We won't judge if you've had a few to drink, in fact, it's encouraged!

Don't forget to crown your May Queen! But we strongly discourage you from stuffing your ex into a disemboweled bear.

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