Some Halloween myths have been around for many years. Mostly, they are a warning for  children that go trick-or-treating at night, but do some of them have merit?


Here's just a few:

▪                You will have good luck if, on the night before Halloween, you sleep facing south.

▪                If you hear a cat sneeze, you will be lucky.

▪                You put a dress on inside-out, you’ll have  good luck.

▪                If the top if your head itches, you will have good luck.

▪                If you sneeze three times before breakfast, you’ll have good luck.

▪                If you dream of a white cat, you will have good luck.

▪                If you see a white cat on Halloween, you will have bad luck.

▪                If you look over your left shoulder and you see the new moon, it’s another sign of bad luck.

▪                On Halloween, you will have bad luck if you get out of bed using the left foot first.

▪                Don't open an umbrella inside of your house or building or you will have a bad luck all day.

▪                Don't wear your shirt inside-out because it’s bad luck.

▪                If you want to avoid bad luck on Halloween, don't sing before breakfast or cry before dinner.

▪                If you hear steps behind you on Halloween night, don't turn around, because it’s death following you and will take you if you do.

▪                On Halloween, if you see a spider it is the spirit of a loved one that is watching over you.

▪                An omen of death is when you dream of death.

▪                You will know that a family member has died when you heard the chime of a clock that is not working.



▪                Some people hang themselves during Halloween, but no one reports this because it’s believed they were decorations. This was very common during the ‘90s, but recently there haven’t been reports of this.

▪                During Halloween night, strangers give fruits with razors blades inside, or candy with poison. There is no documentation of this ever happening.

▪                It’s believed that child molesters attack on this night. However, all the rules convicted sex offenders must follow, like a curfew and post a "no candy" outside their house, it’s unlikely they can do anything.




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