A few weeks ago, I asked you guys if I should get a Ouija board and try to contact the spirits that are supposedly inhabiting this building. You guys responded favorably enough...and I didn't even have to fudge the numbers! Thanks!

Ouija Voting

I'm glad the voting went toward the "do it" side, and of the two "do it" options, the one that allows me to Ouija alone got the majority of the votes. Either you guys don't think anything will happen, or you're interested in what a demonic entity will sound like on the radio every night once it possesses me.

Either way, I'm good with that. Especially if it gives me that monstrous "SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!" voice. That would be cool.

Which brings me to tonight. On the way to the station tonight, I stopped by a toy store and picked up a Oujia board. I've never actually bought one before, but I found it pretty easily, and topping on the cake...it glows in the dark!

This is getting better and better. Here's my unboxing of the Ouija video:

I have a rought outline of a plan in mind, and I'm hoping to stream as much of it as I can on the webcam for you guys. The first bit will probably be just the board alone in a room with "high activity", to see if anything happens spontaneously. Then, I'll do a more normal Ouija session to see if I can get some crazy stuff to happen, like what happens to this guy:

Or this girl: