We all have are arguments in our relationships but this guy might have gone too far. Not only does he prank his girlfriend while she is sleeping, but he uses industrial strength glue and a dildo.

Rahul Khan is one of the bravest men I have ever seen. After his girlfriend put dog poop in his shoes, Khan wanted to get his girlfriend back for being a "dick head." He decided to prank his girlfriend back in such a potentially harmful way.

He decided to buy a tiny dildo and glue it to her forehead using industrial strength glue. Rahul waited till his girlfriend came home from Zumba and knocked out on the couch. He then set up a camera to record his prank and the reaction to his pissed off girlfriend.

Many viewers are skeptical about this prank. Half think this is a fake prank and the other half think this guy is just sick. I would hope it's real but it would suck if he really used industrial strength glue because that girl will rip off her skin.

Check out the mystical dildo unicorn attack her boyfriend and you decide if this prank is real.