Nothing goes together like heavy metal and crochet. Don't believe us? A TikTok user going under the moniker Knot Bad will convert you with his series of metal crochet clips.

The "self-proclaimed yarn punk" started his journey last October, hopping on the social media service with his first video, headbanging away to Aeon's "Crystal Lake" while spinning his yarn to the metal cadence. Check out the clip below.

@knotbadCrochet with heavy metal is my favorite pairing 😉 ##crochet ##crocheting ##craft ##art ##metal ##me♬ Aeon - Crystal Lake

In the time since, he's amassed over 40 videos creating items as big and bulky as a scarf to something more cute and handheld like a crocheted Minion from the Despicable Me franchise, a crocheted sock monkey, a crocheted chocolate strawberry and most recently a crocheted Pikachu, complete with a Halloween-ready costume. This adorable item came together as Knot Bad was crushing to Hypno's "Diamond Construct" as you can see below.

If you'd like to see more of Knot Bad's TikTok metal crochet creations, visit his TikTok account here.

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