Business is booming right now for arms dealers across the United States. Which leads to the question El Paso- Have you been purchasing more since? Is El Paso pro gun control or against it?

Flickr User paljoakim
Flickr User paljoakim

Personally, I am all for an American being able to use their second amendment right  and bear arms to protect themselves and innocent lives. Most of my close friends not only own a gun but a few guns, and are able to protect themselves from any situation that may arise. I feel safer knowing if I am at a friend's house and someone would try to come in and harm us, they would be able to protect their home and me.

I don't believe that the guns are what cause the tragedies like the one at Sandy Hook, but the people behind them. Maybe instead of stricter gun laws we should have better mental illness evaluations done on people when they show the warning signs and BEFORE they go on these horrible sprees and then we look back to think what we should have done before.

Another thing I hear a lot about is where are those pro gun republicans when people start shooting innocent people? Well, unfortunately there are still gun free zones where they would get arrested for having their gun on them, just in case something like the tragedy of Sandy Hook were to happen.

A great example is the Pearl High School shooting on October 1st, 1997 where 16 year old Luke Woodham was upset his girlfriend broke up with him so he decided he was going to shoot up his high school. Before he went to do that, he stabbed and bludgeoned his mother to death at home. At the high school, he killed his ex-girlfriend and her friend and wounded 7 others. When he got into his mother's car, he planned to drive to the junior high and continue his shooting rampage there, but he was stopped by someone with a gun.

Assistant principal Joel Myrick  heard the gun fire and helped some students escape the gunfire, then went to his car to retrieve his own .45 from his car. He pointed his own gun at Woodham, causing him to crash his car and was able to subdue him until the police arrived. If not for this man and his gun, this young boy would have been able to escape and continue his shooting spree at the junior high school as well. Myrick was a true hero, and an armed citizen. In my mind I think we need more of these.

What do you guys think? Are you for or against gun control? Do you own your own gun? Multiple guns? Have you bought more ammo and guns since the tragedy? Or is it because there may be stricter gun laws soon? and do you believe it is  accessibility of guns that cause these shootings or the people who get these items? Let me know your opinion below!

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