Former Scorpions  and  Electric Sun guitarist  Uli Jon Roth will  bring his  North  American Tour to Mesa Music Hall  in El Paso on Sunday.

Along with Jon will be Jennifer Batten and Andy Timmons.Jennifer is known for her association as Michael Jackson’s  guitarist as well as playing second guitar for several years with Jeff Beck. Andy  is currently resident guitarist in Simon Philip’s  band and former member of Danger Danger .

All three guitars  will first perform a set of their own, but will also play together in a spectacular grand finale.

The band comprises of renowned lead-singer John West  on vocals, who already sang for Uli on his last US tour, Niklas Turmann  (guitar & vocals), Rich Monica  on drums, Nico Deppish  on bass, Corvin Bahn on keyboards and Uli's protegé David Klosinski  on guitar, who is opening the show with one of his own compositions.


Don’t miss out on this legend. Tickets  available at the door.

Sunday  3/6/16

Doors open at  7 pm

Mesa Music Hall - 4151 N.Mesa

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