You guessed Texas, huh?  Nope.

While Texas does not hesitate to use the death penalty, we're not the ones ready to bring back firing squads.  Believe it or not, it's Utah.

A nationwide shortage of the drugs used for lethal injections, coupled with several botched executions, has Utah looking for a backup plan.  Rep. Paul Ray of Clearfield, who's sponsoring the firing squad bill, believes they are more humane saying,

A team of trained marksmen is faster and more humane than the drawn-out deaths that have occurred in botched lethal injections.

Utah currently has no lethal injection drugs at all. Texas will be out of the drugs as well once the next two scheduled executions are carried out. Utah stopped using firing squads about 10 years ago but several inmates, who were sentenced prior to that, still have the option of requesting a firing squad instead of drugs.

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