When people got hysterical in really old movies, one of the best “yo, dude, chill” remedies was to smack them across the face. The modern equivalent? Apparently, it’s using a taser.

Two Florida men — Darrel Horne, 28, and Matthew Shrider, 27 — were arrested for stealing a boat. When police caught up with them, Horne had stripped off his clothes and was pretty much going ballistic, kicking his partner in crime as they sat in the back of the squad car.

When a deputy armed with a stun gun opened the car door, Horne told him, “Taser me. Taser me, bro.” Being an city employee whose salary is paid by citizen taxpayer dollars, the officer did as he was told. From that point on, Horne was unsurprisingly compliant and apologetic — and even thanked the officer for tasing him.

Both men were charged with armed burglary, grand theft, and resisting arrest, and are currently enjoying a little quiet time in the Volusia County Branch Jail in Daytona Beach. Probably daydreaming about taken trips on that boat they almost stole.

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