Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong and his wife Adrienne have joined forces with the Natural Resources Defense Council to debut this year’s ‘Green Gifts Guide,’ hoping to sway holiday shoppers in an environmentally conscious direction with their gift lists this year.

The gift guide includes over fifty creative gift ideas covering every spectrum of the environment from being a ‘Den Defender’ for polar bears losing their lives to diminishing ice, to helping to revive a rain forest by having a tree planted in Costa Rica. Whatever cause you’re most passionate about, there’s probably a gift that fits.

The Armstrongs put a fun spin on the gift giving idea in their video spot for the cause, with Mrs. Armstrong saying, “This holiday season, I can’t buy a bunch of s–t gifts that he’ll just end up breaking,” with Billie Joe chiming in smashing a ukulele, saying, “Gifts that won’t end up broken but will actually put the world back together again.”

Watch the video below and check out the ‘Green Gifts Guide’ here to see how you can help spread holiday cheer and invest in our planet’s future at the same time by buying “gifts that won’t break!”

Watch Billie Joe and Adrienne Armstrong’s ‘Green Gifts Guide’ Video