You won't believe what this moron ... errrr,  motocrosser ... has come up with.

Maybe we should go with moron on this one, even though it looks like a LOT of fun.  This guy really wants to land an X Game trophy and he's practicing hard!

There you go.  You need no longer lie awake at night wondering, "how do they learn this stuff"? You're welcome.

Seriously though, todays riders have come up with some crazy stuff.  I'm not exactly sure how they first learned these tricks ... or why ... but they're amazing. Check out some of my faves in these vids.

First, the sickest jump ever.  The '08 New Years Eve step up pulled off by Robbie Maddison.

Travis Pastrana did a sweet double back flip during the 2014 X Games even though he didn't have to!

Thomas Pages has come up with a nice bike and rider flip thing.