A really cool piece of old west and military history sits just outside of Las Cruces and makes for a great afternoon ride.

Fort Seldon operated near Radium Springs, just outside of Las Cruces, from 1865 - 1891.  Built "on the banks of the Rio Grande, this adobe fort housed units of the U.S. Infantry and Cavalry in an effort to bring peace to the south-central region of present-day New Mexico." (nmhistoricsites.org)

It's an interesting place to visit and is also a beautiful and super easy ride from El Paso. First, get to the Upper Valley and on to Highway 28, then follow 28 into Old Mesilla. From there, you can take a couple of routes to Fort Seldon. Here is my favorite:

  • Take Snow Rd. North to Calle Del Norte.
  • That turns into Fairacres Rd, follow it to Picacho ave (HWY70) and turn right.
  • Go to Shalem Colony Trail and take it all the way to Valley Dr.
  • Turn left there to Fort Seldon.

It's a beautiful ride that takes you by the river and crosses it twice! Enjoy and, as always, ride safe!!

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