Not much can contain the Incredible Hulk, not even an amazing paint job. Graffiti artist Rene Turrek has found a way to showcase the biggest avenger in a whole new way.

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Posted by Rene Turrek Graffiti Artist on Sunday, June 14, 2015

What looks like a typical blue car is actually a beautiful painted masterpiece of Marvel's The Hulk. You can see the Avenger bust through the car with the help of hot water. This crazy technology has been around awhile, according to Autoevolution, in the form of some of the coolest toys during childhood, color changing Hot Wheels.

I can see Monster paying for an excellent paint job like this, but it would probably be something of Wolverine. It's so hot in El Paso, I am guessing you could throw regular water on it and it would change in a second. I see a great job opportunity for Turrek to come to El Paso and open a shop.