KVIA reports that 6 different El Paso/Las Cruces school districts use the Haskins Center for graduations and that EPISD alone spends over $60K on them.

Some say area high schools should use their own facilities instead of the Haskins Center to save money. Here are some thoughts on that:

  • If the gym isn't big enough, use the school stadium. (While June is a HOT month, a high school won't be hosting 2 - 3 other events that day. Which allows them the freedom to hold graduations during the cooler morning or evening hours.)
  • Not enough parking. Most area high schools DO have enough and, if not, people can park and walk a little. (Or, you can uber it!) Parking isn't always close at the Haskins Center either.
  • No nachos. I'm sure area high schools can keep the drinks and snacks coming.
  • "The school isn't as pretty as the Haskins Center". You're there for an hour or so to watch your child's big moment and listen to speeches. The decor is a minor detail.
  • My school is uber - huge. Some high schools do have super big student bodies but, surely, cheaper and more convenient venues can be found. (Even for big schools, UTEP is a bit much. In all the graduations I've attended there, I've never seen it even close to full.)

Ultimately, most schools probably can accommodate their students and families, in their own neighborhoods. Not only at a lower cost but, also, without crippling traffic flow along a major roadway as usually happens around UTEP.

What do you think?