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Now that we have arrived in 2020, some parents are starting to prepare for a huge party. If you're a parent to a senior and will be graduating soon, then you know what party is coming. Graduation parties will be here sooner than you know it. So that just means it is time to start planning AND buying those nifty decorations. If you're stressing about what cool props to buy for a graduation party, I recommend the items below.

It can be a tough responsibility to put on a party for one of their special memorable moments. But don't worry about not knowing what essentials you will need since those helpful tips are just below. It is easy to shop for the kinds of snacks, drinks, and type of food you want at the party. But to make sure your guests really have a great time the graduation props will do just that.


  • 1

    2020 Balloons

    It is always better when there are balloons showing the year your graduate accomplished a big goal.

  • 2

    Photo Banner Kindergarten- 12th Grade

    Now, this is the most prized possession for a graduation party. Every senior would hate for their friends to see their school pictures from Kinder to middle school days.

  • 3

    Graduation Party Games

    It is such a pleasure to see your graduate celebrating a major achievement while having fun. These graduation games won't make participants think so hard as school life did.

  • 4

    Graduation Advice Certicicates

    I remember writing an ex-best friend a message on a small bear (in 2003) and so glad upgrades were made. Having to squeeze in some complimenting words on a bear is hard enough. But now there are certificates available to write a heartfelt message to the new graduate.

  • 5

    Graduation Photo Booth Props

    Now and days almost every party has a photo booth. If you're planning on having a photo booth then these graduation photo booth props are much needed. Capturing the perfect Kodak moment while being silly to remember all that hard work paid off.

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