OK, OK before I get chewed out by fanboys, technically there IS a Star Wars movie coming out this year. Episode IX is scheduled to be released on December 20th but, come ON, that’s really like next year. The point is, and I think I speak for lots of fans, I had grown to expect a new Star Wars film every year either right before Christmas or shortly after. We had Force Awakens, Rogue One, Last Jedi AND Solo in rat-tat-tat succession. I feel like I was getting into a pattern: Star Wars movie comes out, I watch it three or four times in the theater, complain about it for three months and then buy it on blu-ray when it comes out. I really feel like my apple cart has been upset now that I’ll have to wait almost an entire year for the next big screen Star Wars. Do I agree that there was an over-saturation problem? Yeah, with Solo: A Star Wars Story coming out a mere 5 months after Last Jedi, I thought maybe Disney was pumping them out a little too fast and that maybe it wasn’t sustainable. But by the time Episode IX comes out it will have been NINETEEN long months since Solo. I was HAPPY with once a year!

Well, if you also feel a gaping Star Wars movie-sized hole in your life, I found something that might, at least, tide you over. It’s a fan film and…wait! Don’t just click out! Let me explain. The computer tech has reached a point where, for a fraction of the budget, a sufficiently skilled fan can create a credible, enjoyable short Star Wars film. Judging from the comments, many fans like this one more than they do the Disney/Wars films. And, honestly, on a budget of under a hundred thousand the production value is way, way better than a lot of big Hollywood-budget movies (looking at you Gods of Egypt).

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