Some people like to try new things, especially when they are something different and a little bit odd. But even those people would have trouble trying to stomach this.

Burger Kings in Japan have created what they call the Kuro Burger, or Black Burger, known for its signature black bun and black cheese. The Marketing Manager, Kana Ienega, said they want consumers to try the burger and see if it is tasty, even if it doesn't look the most appealing.

The biggest question is what the heck is it made of? The black pepper beef patty has a sauce on it that is infused with squid ink. Then, the cheese and bun are both infused with bamboo charcoal, to give it that death metal black color. The actual taste of the burger is kind of a let down. Many customers have said that the burger actually tastes very similar to a normal burger. The only difference is a little kick from the pepper and squid ink. They also said that the bun and cheese don't taste any different, only the color is different. Would you be brave enough to try the all new Burger King Japan's Kuro Burger? Watch the video and decide for yourself!

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