This beautiful model has guys and gals going bananas for her different colored eyes. Her body may also have something to do with it.

Sarah McDaniel is a 20 year old model with over 59,000 followers on her Instagram. Followers not only love this brunette beauty's lovely curves...

but also her astonishing eyes.


Sarah has a medical condition called "heterochromia iridium," which is used in the medical field to describe a genetic abnormality. Only in about six for every one hundred births does this genetic abnormality happen. Lucky for us, it happened to this gorgeous specimen.


Check out some of her stunning photos here.

Some people on the internet believe that McDaniel, aka "Krotchy", could be wearing different color contacts but our judges say they don't think so. Our judges are my dog and the cat that hangs outside the radio station. They have the best opinion.

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