Great news for fans of the McRib! Bad news for lovers of the cheap price of Happy Meals. McDonald's has been doing a lot of things to try and get more people to come to their fast food restaurant. The fast-food giant recently released their third-quarter sales, which improved showing that they're progressing by elevating diners experience, modernizing the restaurants and adapting to the changing pallets. McDonald's are once again looking at breakfast as a way to help boost their sales and the higher price of their premium burgers help too.

Another exciting thing on the menu? They're bringing back the McRib to 9,000 locations across the country. An added bonus is that the famous sandwich will also be available to order on UberEats. The restaurant even has a McRib locator to make finding your sandwich even easier. The bad news is while we're getting the McRib back, another favorite item is being taken off of the Value Menu. Happy Meals are being taken off the McDonald's Value menus, which were added back in January. After ditching their Dollar Menu, they instead brought out the Value Menus which included $1, $2 and $3 menu items. The price of a McDonld's happy meals will go up about 25% from now on. The company says the plan all along was to rotate certain menu items on and off of the Value menu through time. No word on when they're looking to bring it back to the Value menu.

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