I guess coming (ahem) in last can have it's advantages!

This lovely lady - slash - weirdo has a thing for the underdog!  She's waiting to see who the LAST pick in the NFL draft is (a player usually referred to as Mr. Irrelevant) and has an "evening of passion" planned for him!!  As she put's it;

I’ve got this special place in my heart for like the humiliated, the neglected — the last pick on the playground kind of guy

Beats the trip to Disneyland this particular player usually gets I guess!  (Read more @ yahoo.com)

I wonder if there are any ladys like this in the El Paso area?  No draft in our town but ... if you're looking for an "underdog/humiliated/last kid picked on the playground/also ran" kind of guy ... the KLAQ air staff is here for you!!  :)