I normally don't listen to Spanish music, but when I do it's the Gipsy Kings. The first time I saw them I was still in high school which was before 2003.

They're a group of Flamenco, Salsa and Pop musicians from South of France. They sing in Andalusian Spanish and can really put on a damn good show. If you don't understand Spanish you would still be able to enjoy the show and beats! The video above is a combination of a few songs from their greatest hits.

In high school, I was in modern dance and we performed a dance to this exact mix above. Another memory I have of the Gypsy Kinds involves my dad and I, along with a group of his friends who had attended the Gipsy Kings concert many years ago. I would never have known about this group if my dad didn't introduce me to them. The night we saw the Gipsy Kings I definitely sang and danced my heart out to their music.

Their show is set for Saturday, October 27 this year at the Plaza Theatre. The mixture of songs above includes "Bamboleo / Volaré / Djobi Djobi / Pida Me La/ Baila Me" from their greatest hits album. If you plan on attending their concert in October and have never seen them before, you will not be disappointed. The way these guys play their instruments and use their hands clapping to the beat is beyond amazing. If you do plan on attending be sure to get your tickets as soon as possible since they're selling quick!

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