Halloween is only eight days away but this guy couldn't wait to trick-or-treat at a liquor store in Anniston, Alabama.

Security cameras caught someone dressed up as a ghost early Wednesday morning, breaking into a liquor store and running around the aisles. The strange thing isn't the suspect in a ghost costume, it's that he didn't steal anything!

Anniston Police believe this was an attempted robbery gone wrong . The video shows the suspect struggling to keep his costume together and awkwardly wandering around the store. He leaves the store without any liquor or dignity.

Most people are finding humor in the situation, even the police. According to their official Facebook, the police are asking for public help that could lead to the capture of this suspect but still joked around, "Anyone with any information regarding this criminal from the spirit realm, please contact us." The police are taking this investigation seriously but how can you not laugh at the situation?