Make those dollar bills into little paper airplanes and get ready to throw them at these ladies!

This business is ready to give customers drive-thru service but you'll find more than burgers and fries on this menu. Vivid Gentlemen's Club in Houston has opened the first drive-thru strip club in the Lone Star State. Customers who like a show while they pick-up their dinner are in for a treat. Patrons drive their vehicles through white tents, similar to those being seen at the COVID testing sites all over the state.

Inside the tents, the club has done everything possible to bring the ambiance of the club to your car. There are small stages for the performers, music blaring from outdoor speakers, and colored lights highlighting the dancers who are dressed up to entertain. Still, the signs of the pandemic are there-metal barricades separate the dancers from customers and some dancers are seen wearing masks.

The idea isn't unique, a strip club in Portland recently opened up the first drive-thru strip club to try and bring in business to the shuttered club during the pandemic. Vivid Gentlemen's Club decided to take the idea and bring it to the Lone Star State.

Texas began the phases to re-open the state but many businesses found themselves in grey areas, not know what category they fell into. Strip clubs were left behind and when the state decided to halt the reopening when the cases began to climb again, many wondered when they would be able to throw open their doors and welcome their customers again.

By opening as a drive-thru, employees are able to go back to work and serve customers again. The club has a familiar menu, offering nachos, burgers, chicken sandwiches, jalapeno poppers, pizza, and even alcohol is available to-go. Customers are allowed a two song-dance while their food is being prepared and can tip dancers by throwing dollars. Read more about Texas' first drive-thru strip club at the Houston Chronicle website. You can see more photos of the drive-thru club at the Vivid Gentlemen's Club Facebook page.

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