It's the start of a new year and today was the first day the whole gang was back! We were all bursting with brand new ideas to film, discuss and write about! One of those discussions involved Wendy's and their hilarious Twitter feed where they roasted just about anyone who asked for it! Wendy's Twitter feed is already notorious for their hilarious clapbacks at anyone who dares @ them, but this time they took it a step further.

favorite rock bands

If you too want Mr. Buzz Adams to roast you, all you've gotta do is follow these easy steps:

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2. Use the hashtag #BuzzRoast and attach a picture of yourself to any of the social media threads mentioned above (NO NUDITY PLEASE!!)
3. Sit back and await your roasting!
4. Submission for the roast is open ended- it may go on for a day a week, month or even a year

***DISCLAIMER: By submitting your photo to us you are automatically making it property of KLAQ and it's affiliates, allowing us to do whatever we please with it- this may or may not include adding mustaches, devil horns, and posting it on our websites for others to enjoy the art. KTHANKSBYE