Spooky season is upon us! With fall and Halloween right around the corner, chillier temperatures will soon appear and the season of staying in on the couch with a warm and cozy blanket drinking a hot cider and watching Netflix is only getting much more alluring. I'm all for that lifestyle, especially with cuffing season near. For those of us who are ready with pumpkin spice latte in hand, Netflix has us covered!

Netflix has added a new category just in time for spooky season, "Netflix & chills". In the category you'll see some horror classics like Silence of the Lambs, Carrie and the iconic Scream 2. You'll also get a whole bunch of new Netflix original horrors like the new Joe Hill and Stephen King film In the Tall Grass. If you have kids, Netflix will also provide some kid friendly scares to their "kids & family" category. Check out the list below and start planning your evening of Netflix and chills!

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