Bud Light has officially launched their new FREE Bud Light Taxi App, just in time for the holiday season. You can now call a taxi by just a push of a button, so no one has to fight over who's night it is to be the designated driver!

Celebrate the holidays responsibly by downloading Bud Light's Taxi App. This app will automatically connect you to the nearest taxi company and provides priority status during a busy period. It works in every town and city across the U.S. so even if you plan on leaving El Paso for the holidays, Bud Light will still be there to take you home.

It's really easy and quick to download as it is to use! All you need to remember as you drunkenly struggle to reach your phone, is your phone number and location. Once you input your number, the app will do all the work to call the cab and all you have to do is tell the taxi where to pick you up!

So the next time you head out to grab a couple of drinks, remember to install the Bud Light Taxi App first. It's available on Google Play and ITunes.

Bud Light Taxi/Google Play