Geoff Tate is ready to 'ryche'  The El Paso Downtown Street Festival!!

Tomorrow, July 2nd, The El Paso Downtown Street Festival (slash-Double G's birthday extravaganza!!) continues with Queensryche!  Double G knows how to throw a party!  Even got a call from Geoff Tate to catch up on things and ... of course ... talk motorcycles!!

Second half .. no more motorcycles, but we hear about how things have changed, why El Paso has always been entrenched in Queensryches' memory and we hear new rock from Queensryche!!

Catch Queensryche tomorrow (Saturday) night at The El Paso Downtown Street Festival! And try and catch me while I'm still sober .. or at least lucid!!  Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me .. Happy Birthday Double Geeeeee .......