For those of you brave enough to cover your food in hot sauce, you have to take the GE 10^32 Kelvin sauce challenge.

Mashable found that this bottle of hot sauce magic was created for a special reason, "10^32 Kelvin is GE’s hot sauce tribute to “absolute hot,” the temperature at which scientists theorize all matter starts to break down." The hot sauce has also been influenced by the products GE makes like industrial jet engines and locomotives.

GE's 10^32 Kelvin sauce contains some of the hottest peppers like swims habanero pepper, ghost pepper, the Trinidad moruga scorpion and the Carolina Reaper.

If the thought of tasting all those peppers together doesn't get you hot and bothered, then the way the hot sauce is packaged should prove the intensity of the hot sauce. You can purchase your own bottle of 10^32 wrapped in "supermaterials" in which GE uses in high-temperature industrial engines used in jets and turbines, for only $20 on thrillist's website.

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