Gas prices literally rose overnight, and El Pasoans feel the pinch as a regular gallon of gas sells for nearly $3.50.


I love to drive, road trips, across town, down to my corner bodega, you name it, I'm rolling on over. Driving is both a pleasure and a privilege, but the latest gas price increase has me rethinking alternate modes of transportation.

On Sunday, I pumped regular gas at $3.15 at my neighborhood gas station - by the following day, it had gone up to $3.49 a gallon. And that's for regular gas -  premium gasoline is already over $4 a gallon.


You'd think that with a refinery in town, we'd somehow get a homie hookup, but that's not how it works.

El Paso avoided the supply chain disruptions, especially after Winter Storm Uri affected gas supplies in Central and East Texas. Although gasoline prices are generally lower in the winter months, the last year has been unlike any other, and El Pasoans will likely see gas prices rise even more near the end of the year.


Not only do we have to contend with higher supply and demand thanks to the prevailing pandemic, but as the supply chain continues to crawl at a snail's pace along with the reopening of the border, El Pasoans will soon be feeling more of the pain at the pump.

As gas prices rise, so will travel and food costs become much more expensive. When the price of oil increases, it also impacts airfare and food production - meaning, we'll also be paying more for our food and upcoming vacations.


Fortunately, there are easy ways to ease the price hike at the pump for those on a strict budget by re-examining our driving habits. El Pasoans might also consider carpooling to work, public transportation, seeking out the lowest gas prices via apps, or simply driving less and more efficiently to get better fuel mileage.

Whatever your strategy to save at the pump, know that walking is free, healthy, and will get you where you need to be if given plenty of time.

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