I have never understood littering. Is it really that goddamn hard to find a proper place to put your garbage? Walt Disney knew that people were lazy though. He did a lot of research on garbage and littering. He would go to other parks and track how many steps people would take before they decided to just drop their garbage on the ground. This is why the garbage bins are 30 feet apart in all Disney parks.

Well, apparently we need garbage bins 30 feet apart on Scenic Drive in El Paso. If you've been up on Scenic Drive recently, you not only have had a great view of El Paso and Juarez, but also a great view (and smell) of lots of garbage. Popcorn boxes, beer bottles, pizza boxes seem to keep piling up on Scenic Drive, essentially proving why we aren't allowed to have nice things.

Of course, littering isn't exclusive to El Paso. Just look at all the pictures from around the country of masks and latex gloves when COVID-19 first hit. That crap was all over the place. Because apparently we've gotten to the point that just holding on to your garbage until you have found a a proper place to put it is too difficult. If you have any concerns about holding on to the garbage, just take an Albertson's bag with you. Use a small plastic bag as a portable garbage bag and then dispose of that when you're around a larger bin. Seriously, this isn't rocket science folks. It's also not the most difficult task on the planet.

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