Fungi Mungle frontman Joey Mungle was brave/silly/drunk/whatever enough to post a song by his first band. And you're damn right I'm re-posting it.

This is actually pretty good, especially when you take into consideration that we're talking young, still "wet behind the ears" rockers here who really didn't know much. Nobody starts out knowing everything; you have to grow, mature, find yourself, (or "selves").  In some cases, you also have to learn what size stretch pants you wear, who makes the best wigs and where to get platform shoes glossed.

Here is a taste of how at least one of the Fabulously Furry Four got started.

Joey Mungle joined his first band, Megaton, when he was only 14 and, in 1982, they released "We're Gonna Rock". Not bad for, basically, a bunch of young, dumb and fulla ... well, you know the rest ... rockers!

Pretty good for a guy who hadn't even quite beaten puberty yet, huh? As for the rest of Megaton, Joey says:

Tommy is now Chief at the EP Sherrif’s dep, Todd has turned Right wing wacko, Walt Hyneman went to LA and is a big fancy animator who’s worked w Sony and Disney and Pixar and stuff, and of course I am your favorite Mungle.... (Facebook)

Joey is a multi-talented man who's been a success in just about ALL of his endeavors and he's a good friend of mine. Most of all though, he is ... and will always be ... El Paso's Frontman of Funk.

Hear more of Joey's music here.

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