Howdy!  Double G back again .. couldn't really think of much for this blog, but I did want to give a hearty "hell yeah!!"  to the Arizona biker community. 

The funeral for Christina Green .. the little girl killed in the attack on Congresswoman Giffords .. was held recently in Arizona.  When word got out that those Westboro church idiots were going to protest at her funeral, the Arizona biking coomunity sent out a call for bikers to show at that funeral to form a wall keeping them away from the Green family and friends.  I have no actual numbers, but apparently just about every biker in Arizona was ready to go.  Cudos guys, that was awesome.  I would have loved to have seen those Westboro morons try and get through you all.  Had I found out in time, I would gladly have ridden up there and stood with you!  As it turns out, the protestors never showed anyway, so the funeral was without incident.

Speaking of Arizona .. and to end this on a slightly higher note .. I'm heading that way tomorrow myself to catch a Social Distortion show.  I'll try and bring back some pictures to post and definately give you all a rundown on how it went.  I'm hoping to maybe even get by the Supercross race happening Saturday.  We'll see how good my gate crashing skills are!!  

Enjoy your weekend everyone ... back Monday with the review, Motorcycle Monday and maybe even a funny story or two!  Or a new spot on the old arrest record .. we'll see!!