The long awaited "Not In This Lifetime" tour finally hits El Paso tonight.

Yesterday, we were invited to the Sun Bowl to check out the Guns N Roses stage and learn a little about the show and its monumental production. Most was dull, business type stuff but here are a few interesting facts about this show:

  • It takes three days to build this thing.
  • It brought approximately 500 jobs to the area. (Stagehands, assistants, runners, etc...)
  • The crew that travels with the show numbers around 100.
  • It travels in 15 semi trucks.
  • The day to day cost of this thing wasn't given exactly but, it's A LOT!
  • There will be fireworks!
  • The band, namely Axl, have been "to the minute" on time for the entire tour.  :)
  • ZZ Top play about an hour - Guns 'N Roses, about 3 hours.

This is one of the last two shows on this leg of the tour and El Paso was specifically chosen because GnR weren't able to come here on past tours/legs. You'll hear all your favorites and, maybe, a surprise or two. The set list varies a little from night to night but, the band have rehearsed .. and have played ... a couple of new songs!!

ZZ Top go on at 7:00pm, Guns N Roses ... promptly! ... at 8:30.

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