Your Halloween costume doesn't have to go to waste this year. Freedom Crossing at Fort Bliss will be holding a Trick-or-Treat Drive-Thru on Halloween.

Since El Paso has hit a major spike in Covid-19 cases trick-or-treating has been called off completely. Well, as of now, some El Paso kids can definitely turn their frowns upside down. This year has taught us a lot and helped us improvise as we go along the way.

This month you've seen people finding ways to spread safe cheer around for fanatics that love Halloween. For example, Andrew Beattie who got national recognition for his sweet invention not that long ago. But since that isn't allowed anymore, just meant to find a way just with a twist

. 2020 will be the year we look back at and remember how we had to improvise for family activities during the holidays. This is that year that we can still technically trick-or-treat just with some minor adjustments.

So if you and your family have your costumes but nowhere to go, well, now you do.

The event will be Saturday, October 31 in the parking lot behind The Grand Theatre. This will be a first come first serve basis from 1 pm to 4 pm. If you do plan on visiting the trick-or-treat drive-thru they ask you to stay inside your vehicle and keep your mask on throughout the ride.

You can get more details about this upcoming Halloween fun for the family here.

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