Dare to go bare to celebrate Naked Hiking Day today. There are plenty of wacky and wild National "holidays" out there for you to celebrate. I put holiday in quotes because some of the holidays make you wonder if they were created for good reasons, or are merely an excuse for a company to hawk their products on us. Holidays to everything like reef awareness, olives, the Heimlich maneuver, nail polish, penpals, hazelnut cake, and those are just the holidays for June 1st.

With so many things you can celebrate and the weather so gorgeous in the month of June, it's no surprise that there's a hiking day this month too. But this national day is a little different from others that involve hiking.

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Today is not only the summer solstice, aka the longest day of the year but it's also Naked Hiking Day. Seriously, that's a thing. And the "holiday" comes at a great time when the weather is supposed to be hitting another scorching 103 degrees today. It's the perfect weather to take it all off, apply that sunblock liberally all over your body, and head out into mother nature. In case you're wondering, there are no federal laws prohibiting being naked in nature per Blue Ridge Outdoors but it still wouldn't be in your best interests to be caught in the buff. So maybe dress in nude colors to honor the holiday or pick a trail that's less traveled. Either way, enjoy getting those even hiking tan lines for once.

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