Veterans Day is this week and as a "thank you" to our vets, free legal clinics have been arranged for them.

Veterans Day is Wednesday, November 11th. In honor of that day, which was set aside to honor our veterans in 1938, free legal clinics for qualified veterans have been arranged. The clinics will provide civil legal services from legal aid programs, local bar associations, law schools, and pro bono, (free), private lawyers. Subjects covered, according to the El Paso Herald-Post, include denial of critical medical care, problems receiving benefits, and legal issues related to disabilities, among other things.

The clinics will be held virtually due to the COVID 19 pandemic and will take place all this week. (11/9/20-11/13/20) Texas has the second-highest number of veterans in the United States so, clinics have been arranged all over the state. You can see a complete, statewide list of them by clicking here. For more about the El Paso clinic, visit

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs’ annual survey of homeless and formerly homeless veterans, legal issues account for five of the top 10 unmet needs of homeless veterans. Obtaining access to free legal services can be critical for veterans to get the benefits and support they need for themselves and their families. - EPHP

A series of videos will also soon be released offering information on benefits available to veterans. The first one comes out on November 13th. That video, along with the others eventually, will be available for viewing online. A statewide hotline for veterans is also in place at 1-800-622-2520. (Press option 2.)

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