Students can be easy prey for cyber-criminals so, the El Paso Independent School District has arranged free, virtual security courses.

The El Paso Independent School District is offering free, virtual courses in online security to middle school and high school students thi smonth. Classes will be held virtually due to the COVID - 19 pandemic and will take place July 20th - 24th, online from 9am until non each day.  Sign your EPISD student up here.

The camp teaches vital cyber skills that prepare the participants for future employment in a career field critical to our entire country,”

"Almost every industry and business rely on digital information that must be protected.  The camp also prepares high school and middle school students to compete in the CyberPatriot competition.” -

These courses can be quite valuable, especially for young people who may not be as knowledgeable in these matters as they should be and who also tend to be more trusting of people and websites. Something which makes them more likely to fall for phishing sites and other risky online activities.

We've taken courses similar to this one here at KLAQ and some of the tactics cybercriminals use are pretty damn tricky. They can mimic legit sites and even appear to be law enforcement agencies so, it's best that kids learn these things as soon as possible. Particularly in these crazy times where more and more things are being done online, especially in terms of online classes. The more time they are logged on, the more opportunities crooks have to take advantage of them.

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