The Dallas Cowboys finished what they needed to this offseason. Sign Dak Prescott to a long term deal. But, they're also strapped for cash because that and a few other deals, so the outside free agent market hasn't been big for the Cowboys here in 2021. There are a couple moves the team could still make though. And both moves include former Seattle Seahawks.

First, there's linebacker K.J. Wright, who has said that the Cowboys would be a dream team to play for. It has been reported that Wright has spoken with the Cowboys, but it's not known how serious the talks have been. There is a direct connection for Wright and the Cowboys, as Wright has talked about much he enjoys playing for new Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, who used to be with the Seahawks as well.

Second, there's Richard Sherman. The former Seahawk and 49er cornerback is still a free agent and the longer he's out there it seems the chances are higher a team like the Cowboys could make a move. Sherman also played for Quinn with the Seahawks while Quinn was the defensive coordinator in Seattle. There have been no reports of Sherman speaking with the Cowboys, but there also hasn't been any reports of Sherman really talking to anyone.

If the 2020 showed anything, it was that the Cowboys desperately need to upgrade their defense. One way to do that is to bring in some proven veterans to help the young players. Wright and Sherman aren't near the players they were a few seasons ago, but that doesn't mean they can't come in and contribute and help the defense.

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