Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit is coming out with something new and it isn't music. He isn't releasing any new music but will be releasing his new film The Fanatic! I haven't seen any of his other films but this one seems quite freaky. Not just that, but to see John Travolta playing a creeper is trippy for me. We're used to seeing John Travolta playing either a wholesome or jerk role. But this time around his role and appearance makes it hard to recognize John Travolta.

Fred Durst also brought back an actor I remember crushing on when I was a little girl in 1995. That crush I had when I was younger involved Mr. Devon Sawa. You may remember him from his roles in Casper and also in Final Destination. This thriller/mystery has me interested while others aren't really feeling it. It is scary because there are fans out there who can take things to the extreme. This thriller is set to be released on August 30. Take the poll below if you will be seeing it or skipping it!


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