Between the amazing music performances that will be happening at the Texas Tattoo Showdown Festival this weekend, we will be getting our minds blown by crazy human suspension act. I am still shocked at what these people can do!

I can't wait to see the these human suspension performances I have been hearing so much about. Some of the videos I have been checking out give me the chills!

This brave woman is being suspended from her knees! OUCH! Seriously, I can't even imagine how that feels. Check out how calm she is as she spins around with hooks in her knees and jamming out to In This Moment.

Lydia Gresham gives us some insight to the art that is human suspension and what it takes to make it happen. I give her some much respect for being able to pull off these performances!

I hope to see more of these acts this weekend. I'll be the girl squirming on the side.