What makes people do weird things when the weather turns ugly?    In Alexandria, Virginia a zombie pirate was interviewed by the local news.  He's been a resident for 650 years and has never seen this kind of storm.   I'm guessing this might be a Halloween costume, or is it?   In Washington, D.C. a man decides to go jogging during Hurricane Sandy.  Watch the video here.  Okay, if you are an exercise freak, you don't want to miss a workout.  I will never understand that, for obvious reasons.  But he decides to put on a horse mask first.  He's half naked in the cold, I can only speculate that it's very cozy under under the horse face.  Maybe he considered a ski mask, but didn't want the problems that could come from that piece of apparel.  With deserted streets, he would only look nefarious. Then there was a guy jet skiing in New York Harbor right before the storm hit.  Are hurricanes like full moons in that they make people do crazy things?  What is the craziest thing you've done in a storm?